Oh So Majestic (Garlic)

Garlic… I love the aroma, but that taste does not sit well with my taste bud. As such, I’m not an expert when it comes to garlic (I am one of those who pleads for the cook to “please, please don’t put any garlic”), but there are a lot of culinary experts who can’t have […]

Look Ma, No Tears

Mom has made me slice-and-dice hundreds of onions…. and man, are they tear jerkers. I can’t say I love ’em, but check these out: aren’t they beautiful? Look at the art forming from those roots! Gaytan Family Farm, Inc. Mira Loma, CA; Santa Maria, CA Website: goodveg.org/Gaytan.html

Why So Green?

Gaytan Family Farm, Inc. Mira Loma, CA; Santa Maria, CA Website: http://www.goodveg.org/gaytan.html I can’t say I love brussels sprout, but I do love some grilled artichoke hearts or spinach and artichoke dip. I also love tomatillo sauce but I rely on pre-made–bottled and ready for me at the counter. I miss my friend Tony. He […]

Tomatoes: Penny Lane Farm

Penny Lane Tomatoes Website: www.1tomatomama.com The drive from Northern California back to Southern California deserves a few stops along the way. An early start resulted in us passing by a small Farmers Market along the 101 in a small town called Betabel. Thanks to Betabel, this little project of mine came to life! Those of […]

Artist: BigEZArtist Jon Guillaume

Bold strokes of markers on paper. Soft tones of color pencils. I couldn’t help but stop and stare as BigEZArtist, Jon Guillaume,¬†worked on a new piece. His work was consistent and identifiable.¬†Our conversation ran along the line of, “A real artist… you’re a lefty.” (Laughingly, I admit that I can’t draw even though I am […]