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Chalkboard Vases and Fine Jewelry

Chalkboard Vases, Fine Jewelry
Chalkboard Vases, Fine Jewelry by Viviane © Shiela Hizon

Viviane’s booth at the Great Park Farmers Market is so chic that you won’t be able to resist stopping by to say hi and browse the trendy handmade chalkboard vases and fine jewelries. Alternatively, you can visit her at the San Clemente Village Art Fair on the first Sunday of every month.

Great Park Farmers Market
San Clemente Village Art Fair

Art Farmers Market French Market

Artist: BigEZArtist Jon Guillaume

BigEZArtist, Jon Guillaume
BigEZArtist, Jon Guillaume, French Market New Orleans © Shiela Hizon

Bold strokes of markers on paper. Soft tones of color pencils.

I couldn’t help but stop and stare as BigEZArtist, Jon Guillaume, worked on a new piece. His work was consistent and identifiable. Our conversation ran along the line of, “A real artist… you’re a lefty.”

(Laughingly, I admit that I can’t draw even though I am a lefty myself.)

Jon Guillaume

Street Art

Art, Charms, Legend and Voodoo

Jackson Square, New Orleans
Legend and Voodoos; Jackson Square, New Orleans © Shiela Hizon

I didn’t get his name… All I got was LEGEND

Jackson Square, New Orleans, LA

Art Guerilla Art

Signs and Guerrilla Art

Street Signs and Guerrilla Art
Street Signs and Guerrilla Art © Shiela Hizon

Street signs are fun because they are also pieces of art. My favorite, I love stumbling on some guerrilla art. They really do their job as you wonder, “Who’s work is this? How long has it been here? Will it still be here next time I pass by?”

Street Art

Artist: Trevor Scott

"Cafe du Monde" by Trevor Scott
“Cafe du Monde” by Trevor Scott; Jackson Square, New Orleans © Shiela Hizon

Passing by, you will see a great deal of street art all along Jackson Square. I watched Trevor Scott paint this piece, Cafe du Monde. The warm lackluster breeze didn’t faze him as he continued to brush red and white strokes on canvas.

I walked passed him again the next day and the artwork was finished and prominently displayed.

As I made my way to the Cafe later on that evening, I passed by Trevor and his paintings. For once, he didn’t have a paintbrush on his hands. A glance at the sidewalk fence and I realized that this piece has found a home in someone else’s heart.

Jackson Square
New Orleans, LA