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Oh So Majestic (Garlic)

Majestic Garlic
Majestic Garlic, La Cañada, CA; Garlic Paste, Pickled Garlic, Vegan Friendly © Shiela Hizon

Garlic… I love the aroma, but that taste does not sit well with my taste bud. As such, I’m not an expert when it comes to garlic (I am one of those who pleads for the cook to “please, please don’t put any garlic”), but there are a lot of culinary experts who can’t have enough.

For all those garlic lovers out there, Majestic Garlic has created a garlic paste that’s sure to put the right touch of flavor into your dish. Oh and they also have pickled garlic! What are you waiting for? Go get some! You know you want to….

Majestic Garlic
La Cañada Flintridge, CA
(But I caught them at the Corona Farmers Market)

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