Artist: BigEZArtist Jon Guillaume

BigEZArtist, Jon Guillaume
BigEZArtist, Jon Guillaume, French Market New Orleans © Shiela Hizon

Bold strokes of markers on paper. Soft tones of color pencils.

I couldn’t help but stop and stare as BigEZArtist, Jon Guillaume, worked on a new piece. His work was consistent and identifiable. Our conversation ran along the line of, “A real artist… you’re a lefty.”

(Laughingly, I admit that I can’t draw even though I am a lefty myself.)

Jon Guillaume

Artist: Trevor Scott

"Cafe du Monde" by Trevor Scott
"Cafe du Monde" by Trevor Scott; Jackson Square, New Orleans © Shiela Hizon

Passing by, you will see a great deal of street art all along Jackson Square. I watched Trevor Scott paint this piece, Cafe du Monde. The warm lackluster breeze didn’t faze him as he continued to brush red and white strokes on canvas.

I walked passed him again the next day and the artwork was finished and prominently displayed.

As I made my way to the Cafe later on that evening, I passed by Trevor and his paintings. For once, he didn’t have a paintbrush on his hands. A glance at the sidewalk fence and I realized that this piece has found a home in someone else’s heart.

Jackson Square
New Orleans, LA