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It was a refreshing change of scene to step into the Melrose Flea Market with my friend Katie on a Sunday morning. It’s a pretty big market and I never really see everything. Katie said it’s best to go with a purpose: to find a necklace, find a chair, find a vintage pair of boots, etc. So what was my purpose? None, really.

I just like to rub elbows with those looking for a bargain, or maybe find something unique, or be inspired by something … or someone. And I did.

Ark Collective, Kevin
Ark Collective, Backpack “A mission to improve the quality of our underserved youth’s education” © Shiela Hizon

Meet Kevin, a young entrepreneur who has made it a mission to give back. He created Ark Collective after hearing that youth’s in the Los Angeles community didn’t have adequate educational supplies—one being a backpack.

I don’t have the right words to describe how inspiring Kevin is. He’s a forward thinker and has applied his creativity and vision towards a definitive goal of making a difference (in the community).

Check out his backpacks! The size is good enough to fit a 15″ laptop and “encyclopedias” (It’s been a long time since I’ve had to carry a textbook.) These are the ones with custom art design:

Ark Collective Backpacks
Ark Collective Backpacks © Shiela Hizon

I walked away wanting to buy everyone I know a backpack just so more kids can benefit from Ark Collective’s Get to Give program: for every backpack purchased, a new backpack goes to an underserved student. (How awesome is that?!) This is definitely going to be my gift of choice for my nephews and nieces.

Want to learn more? Here’s their story:

Ark Collective - Our Story
Ark Collective, Get to Give program © Shiela Hizon

Head on over to Ark Collective’s website and maybe buy a backpack of your own:

Thank you Kevin for inspiring us!

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Loose letters, words, signs. Greg's Antiques
Greg’s Antiques New Orleans © Shiela Hizon