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Chalkboard Vases and Fine Jewelry

Chalkboard Vases, Fine Jewelry
Chalkboard Vases, Fine Jewelry by Viviane © Shiela Hizon

Viviane’s booth at the Great Park Farmers Market is so chic that you won’t be able to resist stopping by to say hi and browse the trendy handmade chalkboard vases and fine jewelries. Alternatively, you can visit her at the San Clemente Village Art Fair on the first Sunday of every month.

Great Park Farmers Market
San Clemente Village Art Fair

Clothing Design Farmers Market Homespun Gifts Jewelry

Art by Liyan

Looking for that handmade embellishment that will compliment your bohemian style? Then you’re going to want to stop by the Great Park (Irvine, Ca) Farmers Market and look for Liyan. I, myself, fancy necklaces that have a unique one of a kind character.

Art by Liyan
Art by Liyan, Great Park Farmers Market © Shiela Hizon

Farmers Market: Great Park Farmers Market

Jewelry Non-Profit Rare Finds

Non-Profit: Tikva Children Charities

Tikva Children Charity
Tikva Children’s Charities; Non-Profit; San Martin, CA; Shahla Hassani © Shiela Hizon

Tikva Children’s Charities, San Martin, CA
A non-profit founded by Shahla Hassani, a brain tumor survivor.

Shahla sells unique jewelry pieces that she purchased (or were donated) from local jewelers. 100 percent of the proceeds she makes from the sales go to various children’s charities or to people in need.