Lavender On My Mind (Santa Barbara Lavender Farm)

My recent day trip to Santa Barbara included a quick drive-by a lavender farm, hoping to snatch a pouch of this aromatic flower or maybe some oil. Upon my arrival, there was a quiet stillness in the air… though quite peaceful, there weren’t any blooms to tickle my senses. (I seem to forget that there’s […]

Rancho La Vina – Walnut Oil Anyone?

I stopped at the Hollywood Farmers Market a couple of weeks ago and recognized a familiar face that I had seen at the Santa Barbara Farmers Market — Rancho La Viña.  The decadent walnut oil they sell, La Nogalera Walnut Oil, is unique, rich and so nutty, I can’t wait to put a recipe together… or […]

On The Road, Part 1: En Route to Santa Barbara, Seacliff

I’ve been on a hiatus with my postings. As much as I would like to say I was on a sabbatical, my only reason is that life and work proceeded to take over my hours until I finally looked at the calendar and realized 2011 is of yesteryear. Clearly seeing that I needed to take […]